Six DND Colors You Can Wear on Your Nails During Fall and Winter

The fall season is approaching soon. By the time you read this blog, the air outside would have become colder, and you might have removed the woolen clothes from the closet. So, it is time for you to change your nail manicure to suit the fall and winter seasons.

Best DND Colors for Fall and Winter

Here are six DND colors you can wear for each fall and winter month starting from October.

Best DND Colors for Fall and Winter

October – Start the transition from light to deep tones

The summer months usually extend up to September. So, you have light colors for summer. But, the light colors do not absorb heat. Therefore, it is better to switch over to darker hues. Now, if you do so suddenly, it can look awkward. Hence, we advise you to make the transition smoothly. If you have a light pink or neutral tone on your nails, you can go for the next darker shade by referring to the DND nail color chart. DND offers an exciting range of shades in almost every color.

November – Deep reds or blues should be ideal

November can be cold and uncomfortable. So, the best colors on your nails should be deep reds and blues because they can absorb heat and keep the nail beds warm. Secondly, dark colors look good in winter and fall because it looks more in tune with nature than brighter hues. Red is available in various shades, from the most brilliant crimson red to the dull blood red shades. Each deep shade should suit your nails during the cold winter months. Similarly, deep blue colors like navy blue are perfect for fall and winter. So, we advise you to replace the brighter shades from the cosmetic drawer with deeper hues.

December – The bright reds should be perfect to suit Santa’s colors

December is Christmas month. So, you have Santa Claus dressed up in red capes, giving everyone gifts. Therefore, it is better to match Santa Claus by having the brightest red shades from the DND nail color chart on your nails. Besides, the bright red color signifies excitement and fun. And Christmas is a festival of enjoyment. Therefore, the best nail colors for the month must be the most brilliant of all reds.

January – Begin the New Year on a bright note

Usually, January and December are the coldest months of the year. So, it is natural for people to continue with dark nail colors. If bright red was ideal for December, you could try the other shades of red, like strawberry or pomegranate red hues. They are equally brilliant and profound while giving your nails a beautiful makeover. You can also try colors like dark violet or purple in January. It can help you transition from dark shades to lighter ones before the onset of spring. Deeper blues are also exciting choices for January. It is also the right time to try your favorite nail art designs.

February – Love is in the air during Valentine’s Day

February is the month of love. The sun starts to peep out a little from the dark clouds. So, it is time you change from deep and dark colors to lighter shades. Valentine’s Day has a massive influence on your nail colors. As love is in the air, we advise trying the brighter shades of red, blue, green, and yellow. However, we also suggest matching the nail color with the dress color you wear on Valentine’s Day. Bright pinks and reds rule over February, as you find almost everyone trying to impress their Valentine.

March – Spring brings happiness and a change in your nail colors

As spring approaches, the flowers start blooming all over your garden. You find greenery almost everywhere. It is an exciting change from the dull snowy winters to see the sun shining in all its glory. March is the suitable month to remove the light green and yellow shades from the cosmetics drawer. After nearly five months of wearing darker hues, you can also take out the sky blue colors and have a great time trying out light colors. The onset of spring is the best time to wear white nail colors. The French manicures should also be ideal for March as the climate changes from cold to pleasant.

Wrap it Up

It is natural for people to wear nail colors that suit the season and climate. As winter and fall are dull and dark seasons, people usually have dark shades on their nails. Therefore, this article should help them transition properly and choose the apt color that suits their personality. We have discussed the colors one can wear from October to March. We shall discuss the colors from April to September in another blog when we discuss the summer and spring seasons.