How to Do SNS Nails

When it comes to nail powder, SNS is the world’s leading nail dipping powder trusted by most nail salons and it was the first to create a pink and white dipping system. The use of SNS dipping powder not only produces nails exceptional beauty but they also make the nails healthier compared to acrylic and gel polish. This product is unique in multiple ways such as provides a mirror finish, last for 14 days, resistant to chipping and cracking, requires zero drying time and many more.


The thinner, lighter and easier to apply nature of SNS Nails helps in keeping the nails healthier and stronger. And it can be applied in few simple steps.

Like any steps in preparing the nails, sanitizing the hand with 100% alcohol is very important both to the client and to the technician.

Step 1: Shaping the Nails

Depending on the shape of the finger or your client’s preference, shape the nails first using nail file. If you need to cut some excess nails, you may use nail clipper first.

Step 2: Removing Cuticles

If you are used to using cuticle remover, you can do this by pushing back the cuticles until everything is removed.

Step 3: Buff Nails

Using nail file, buff all 10 nails to perfection or until desired shape is achieved.

Step 4: Applying Bonded Formula

If Pre-Bonded formula is being used, move on to next step. If not, apply E.A. Bond to all 10 nails and dry well with a paper towel.

Once All Four Steps Are Done, Then the Nails Are Now Ready for the Dipping Powder Steps

Step 1: Applying Gel Based

Only apply gel-based on ¾ of the nail. Then dip it in the natural set bending the finger to 90 degrees then tapping the excess. Do this to all 10 nails then apply gel base to 4/5 of the nails.

Step 2: The French Dip Moulding

Slide your nail into the French White* using the French Dip Moulding. Tap away the excess. Quickly dip into Natural Set then tap away the excess. Repeat all steps for remaining nails, working with two nails at a time.

The Last Part Would Be the Finishing Steps

Step 1: Shaping all Nails

Shape all 10 nails. (You may use the nail machine with fine paper sander around the cuticle: use at slow speed, in case the nail plates are wavy). Might as well buff all 10 nails then wash the hand for the next step.

Step 2: Applying Dry Sealer

Apply Sealer Dry to all 10 nails, and then wipe them off with a paper towel.

Step 3: Apply Gel Top Coat

Apply the first coat of Gel Top quickly, as thinly as possible for five nails. Then reapply the second coat in the same way. Repeat the same on the second hand.

Step 4: The Final Drying

Wait for 1 to 2 minutes. Apply Vitamin Oil and massage the hands to finish.

Don’t forget to sanitize everything you use with 100% alcohol once you are done to make sure that everything is clean and ready for next use.