Summer Nail Art Ideas Using Lavis Dip Powders that You can Do At Home

Palm Trees, Floral Ombre, tie-dye, neons – Your nails are ready to play in the sparkling sun. If your schedule is too busy this summer season and you can’t go on a vacation, let the summer feel go to you. Recreate several summer inspired nail art at the comfort of your own home and your nails will never look so cool for the summer season.

summer nail designs

Getting Cozy with Palm Tree

Take your nails on a vacation with a palm tree nail design on an ombre nail base. This nail art may look complicated but it is easy to make. Create an ombre effect using LDS D99 Pale Yellow, LDS D98 Deliciously Orange and LDS D127 Dare to wear to achieve a sunset effect. Then using a brush and a black DND DC gel, free-hand a palm tree and you can mimic the island scene on your nails.

Watermelon Madness

Summer is not complete without watermelons and what better way to pay homage to this ultimate summer fruit than with an adorable manicure. You can either create a moon shape melon design on the cuticles or cover your entire nail bed with the seedy fruit, the choice is yours. Whatever it is that you go for, a watermelon nail art is definitely a must try before the summer’s over.

Sunset Ombre with a Twist

Watching the sun set is the ultimate form of relaxation and if you can’t always make time to watch the sunset, you can definitely make time decorating your nail. This easy to create sunset ombre can be achieved by combining LDS D11 Mellow Yellow and LDS D07 Just Peachy. If you want to draw flowers in it, you may also do so. Morning or night, you can sit back and watch a gorgeous sunset whenever you want with these nails.

To Die-For-Tie-Dye

When tie-dye nail art made a comeback few years back, it has been all over Instagram and other social media sites and when celebrities try it too, fans went wild and began recreating the look. You can also recreate your very own tie-dye design using LDS Dip Powder. There is no right or wrong way to re-crete this look as you can make it as bold or minimal as you like. You can take whatever twist you want on the trend using LDS Nail Dipping Powders.

Can Neon Get Any Brighter?

Summer means vibrant colors, and neon fits the season. Whether you cover your nail bed with entire neon color or you create tiny electric accents, neon goes with just about anything. Whatever you do, adding a touch of neon to any look is an excellent way to stand out and get noticed. Impress your friends with this adorable look that makes your hands stand out. Whether you go are wearing a swimsuit, a sundress or a white shirt, your neon nail polish will go with almost anything so you don’t have to change your nail polish every now and then.