The Fantastic Halloween Nail Designs in 2021

Halloween is becoming more and more popular, it is considered the most popular costume festival and is becoming more and more popular in many countries. This festival is loved by many young people and becomes the most anticipated holiday in October every year. Not only is it an occasion for fun and gathering with friends, Halloween is also a “special” occasion of the year for boys and girls to “rebellion” with horror costumes, different hairstyles, … And indispensable are the unique Halloween nail designs with all kinds of designs and colors that any girl who loves beauty must be “crazy”. And your companion to create the most unique nail sets for Halloween is none other than OPI gel nail colors.

Let’s break it down with us in the article below. First of all, let’s find out what surprises gel polish OPI will bring to you!

What Surprises Gel Polish OPI Will Bring to You?

Fantastic Halloween Nail Designs

OPI is the most famous nail polish brand and it was born in the US. It is famous not only in the US but also in many countries around the world. OPI nail products were introduced to the public in 1981 and up to now, OPI has launched many nail polish collections including OPI nail colors with rich colors for customers to comfortably wear and show many different styles.

OPI gel nails have vibrant colors but very harmonious and natural, Gel nail polish is smooth and easy to apply on nails with outstanding self-gloss. In addition, the gel colors polish of OPI can also nourish nails and limit the condition of your nails being yellowed or broken. In particular, this paint line is very durable. OPI polish colors palette is very diverse, there are more than 140 colors for you to choose with many different tones and styles.

Fantastic Halloween Nail Designs

Mysterious spider silk

Fantastic Halloween Nail Designs

If you are in love with beauty and fashion, we ensure all of the new nail creation always make you feel intersting. So, why don’t you choose for you sisters and yourself an addorable nail design to change and level up your hands’ beauty?

Three colors: black, white and orange continue to be popular in this year’s carnival season.

The basic but always-loved Halloween nail designs are nail designs with spider silk. Usually, on the traditional black foundation, draw a spider web on the ring finger to create accents. Or you can also change and be creative in new ways. Use nude color as the main color, then use black nail polish to paint the spider silk details. It makes for a pretty but still cute nail set!

Fantastic Halloween Nail Designs

If you want to be more unique and outstanding, you can also vary the spider silk nail designs by using glittery silver nail polish gel as the background, then skillfully draw spider silk patterns, stars or the bats. The little yellow highlights of the stars will highlight your nails. It creates an overall bold “Halloween” but still cute and mischievous.

Multi color Halloween nails

Fantastic Halloween Nail Designs

Also with a luxurious nude color that suits all skin tones, this nail design is embellished with details of silk, pumpkin, bat and ghost. With the colors black, white, orange and especially green. Your nails look outstanding, lovely but also very eye-catching. In addition, you can also be more creative when choosing black paint as the background to show the mystery of Halloween and make the Halloween party atmosphere more and more creepy.

Overcast night

Fantastic Halloween Nail Designs

Not knowing when, the image of a pumpkin has become a symbol of Halloween. It is not difficult to see decorated pumpkins in shops, farms and especially at parties in October every year. With the image of a pumpkin, you can vary and create a lot of unique nail designs on Halloween, orange pumpkin, you can use the opposite color tone or use it. Similar hot colors for nail design. For example, with this nail design, the pumpkin detail is very nicely raised on the nail surface, along with the blood splatter details and colorful stitch details. It can be said that this nail is extremely attractive, it is for girls with strong personalities who love what standsout. Surely this nail set will make you stand out and become the focus of the crowd, all eyes will be on you! Try to make it now guys if you like horror or thriller movie.

Final thought

Make your Halloween night more interesting and creepy or more attractive with the most unique nail sets and cleverly coordinated with costumes. You will have truly unforgettable memories, OPI gel nail polish set will help you do that.