Know Your Nail Dip Kit Ingredients and Their Significance

Dip powder nails have become popular because of their inherent advantages. They are easy to apply and remove. Dip powder nails last comfortably long and do not harm the nails. The Kiara Sky dip powder nails procedure does not involve exposing your nails and skin to UV radiation. Besides, one can easily have a dip powder manicure at home.

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With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to manifest itself in different variants, people are wary of venturing outside for small purposes like having a nail manicure. They prefer to have the procedure done at home. Therefore, every home should invest in a proper dip powder kit. The Kiara Sky nail dip kit is excellent for a DIY dip powder manicure at home. Let us understand the significance of the items present in a dip powder kit.

Prepping Tools

The secret to an excellent dip powder manicure lies in the meticulous prepping of your nails. The more time you invest in the prepping procedure, the better and stronger are your Kiara Sky nails. Therefore, you find various kinds of prepping tools in your Kiara Sky kit.

Nail Cutter – Cutting your nails is critical to any manicure. Hence, every nail dip kit will feature a nail cutter.

Nail File – As you cut your nails, they could have sharp edges. Your nail file comes in handy in smoothing out the edges and blunting them. Besides, the nail file helps shape the nails according to your preferences.

Nail Buff – The nail buff helps rough up the nail surface. It enables the basecoat to stick to the surface, a crucial aspect of your dip powder manicure.

Cuticle Pusher – Pushing the cuticles into their grooves is a significant aspect of your dip nail manicure. The cuticles can interfere with the manicure and cause the lifting of the dipping powder layer. Hence, the cuticle pusher helps push the cuticles gently into their grooves and keep them away from the dip powder layers.

Alcohol – As you buff and file your nails, it creates a lot of debris and dead tissues. Your Kiara Sky nail dip kit contains a bottle of alcohol that helps sanitize your nail and kill bacteria and viruses. Besides, it removes moisture and oil content from the nail surface to ensure a perfect nail manicure.

Acetone – The best nail polish remover contains acetone because acetone can dissolve all nail polish products.

Other prominent ingredients include brushes, nail wipes, and cotton pads.

Manicure Ingredients

Besides the prepping tools, your Kiara Sky dip kit contains various manicure ingredients necessary for your Kiara Sky dip powder nails.

Basecoat – The basecoat is the most vital ingredient of a dip powder manicure. The dip powders are dry powders that need an adhesive surface to stick to. The basecoat provides the perfect adhesive layer as it sticks to the nail surface. The basecoat comes with its application brush. When using the basecoat application, you should maintain a gap of around a couple of millimeters from the cuticles. It ensures that the basecoat does not get applied over the cuticle. As a result, the dip powder also stays away to ensure a perfect and long-lasting manicure.

Dip Powder – The nail dip kit contains around six to twelve dip powder bottles with varying color shades. You can use them for your manicure. However, if you need different shades, you can order them online.

Activator Gel – Though the dip powder sticks to the basecoat, it can fall off because of its powdery nature. Therefore, the dip powder manicure requires activating the monomers present in the dipping powder. The activator gel enables the perfect bonding of the monomer with the basecoat and ensures a robust manicure.

Topcoat – The topcoat lends the gloss effect to your dip powder manicure. Hence, it plays a crucial role in the dip powder manicure procedure. Your Kiara Sky kit contains a topcoat application that you can apply over the dip powder layer to give it the necessary shine. People who love matte finishes can stop after applying a couple of topcoat layers. However, if you like glossy nails, you can generously apply multiple layers of topcoats. However, you should apply the topcoat layers in straight lines without overlapping. The exciting aspect of a dip nail manicure is that the topcoat dries within minutes of its application. Hence, you do not need a UV or LED lamp for curing the nail polish.

Final Thoughts

Now that you know what your Kiara Sky kit contains, you can practice your manicure at home. The dip powder manicure is the easiest of all manicures. Now, you can have your manicure at home without visiting the salon. It is good in pandemic times as you do not risk your health unnecessarily.