Seven Beautiful Manicures to Make Your Jewelry Glow like Never Before

Your nail manicure is one of the crucial aspects of your cosmetic routines. Every woman loves to look gorgeous. Therefore, her makeup routine is critical, and so is her choice of jewelry. Under such circumstances, your nails play a vital role. Having a set of exquisitely manicured fingernails adds to the overall glamour quotient and makes you stand apart from the crowd.

So, let us discuss seven beautiful Nugenesis manicures that match your jewelry and make it glow like never before.

The Magnificent Seven Nail Polish Colors to Match Your Jewelry

Pristine white with golden polka dots

Seven Nail Polish Colors to Match Your Jewelry

Can anyone deny that white can have a calming influence over everything it surveys? The best aspect of the white shade is that it goes well with almost every skin tone and attire. While it graces a wedding with its pristine beauty, you can add some gold polka dots to enhance the appeal further. This manicure matches your rings and accentuates the beauty quotient to the next level.

French manicure with a difference

Seven Nail Polish Colors to Match Your Jewelry

A French manicure is always an excellent choice as it makes you look different from the others. Generally, the French manicure has a white edge, but you can try to be different and go for a nude base with a maroon tip. Besides delivering a unique look, it enhances your glamourous appeal to an entirely different level. Moreover, the maroon tips match your gold jewelry perfectly and complement its beauty. So select this combo from the Nugenesis color chart and soak in the adulation you receive.

Sensuous pinks raise the temperatures

Seven Nail Polish Colors to Match Your Jewelry

While gold jewelry enhances your femininity quotient, choosing the appropriate nail colors increases your sensual appeal. There cannot be a better selection than the enticing pinks. The exciting part is that pinks exude innocence while appealing to your basic instincts the most. These light pastel colors enhance your jewelry’s beauty while making you the center of attention. The bubblegum pink color provides the perfect contrast for your gold bands.

The strong, dark hues light up the show

Seven Nail Polish Colors to Match Your Jewelry

Many women prefer to have light Nugenesis colors on their nails to enhance their beauty levels. But, the darker hues such as navy blue, forest green, or plain blacks gel beautifully with your gold jewelry and provide the perfect contrasting looks. Secondly, the dark shades reflect light falling on them to make the environment glitter like never before. Every woman should try this combo and experience the attention she garners at the dance ball.

The light blues make a forceful statement

Seven Nail Polish Colors to Match Your Jewelry

While dark shades provide a striking contrast with your gold jewelry, you can try out the light blue hues with equal effect. Nugenesis color chart has an exciting range of light colors to spruce up your glamour quotient and match your jewelry. An advantage of the light sky-blue color is that it goes well with every formal to casual attire. In addition, your gold rings shine more when paired with these gorgeous nail colors.

The reverse French mani is a trendsetter

Seven Nail Polish Colors to Match Your Jewelry

The general fashion is to have the traditional French mani. However, some people are bold enough to try out the French manicure with a difference by coloring the tips differently. A beautiful alternative is to reverse the entire design and have a gold band at the nail base instead of the tip. This nail manicure can send the pulses racing and make you stand apart from the crowd. Thus, you can revel in the attention you get and soak in the atmosphere. In addition, the Reverse French manicure can set new trends for everyone else to follow.

The simplistic look conveys a lot

Seven Nail Polish Colors to Match Your Jewelry

While it is always tempting to have exciting designs to look different from others, the simplistic look has its enticing appeal. It is better to go for simplicity at times than use dashing colors to mess up your appearance. It provides a soft and subtle look while maintaining the chic appeal. However, it would help if you were careful when choosing simple shades because they should not overshadow the jewelry you wear. In this way, you can have the best of both worlds and enjoy the admiration you get from your loved ones.

Final Thoughts

We have discussed seven beautiful manicures compliment your jewelry and enhance your glamour quotient. So, the next time you wear jewelry, you should look up the Nugenesis color chart and select the appropriate manicure to suit the occasion the best. Nugenesis dip powder colors offers the most extensive color options that gel with all attire, skin tones, and jewelry designs. Each of the seven manicures described above is a classic example of nail color suiting your golden jewelry the best. So, try out these combinations to steal the show and be the center of attraction every time you take the floor.