Benefits of Using DND Nail Polish

With the launch of the first DND nail polish set (nearly a decade ago), the Daisy DND nail polish has grown massively in popularity. Since its initial release, gel nail polish DND have been launched – all of which are being continued up to this day. The DND nail polish set users swear by its ease of application, the long-lasting manicure, with the professional finishing touch that makes the nails look as if they have been freshly out of the best nail salon in town.

Benefits of Using DND Nail Polish

The benefits of DND nail polish

Salon-Like Manicure Experience

If you walk into any good nail salon, you will find a DND nail polish set. Besides the outstanding quality of the DND nail polish set, you are all set to get a manicure of professional, high-quality standards. The inclusion of the Daisy DND nail polish has been nothing less than a game-changer for the cosmetics and beauty industry.

Ultimate Fashion Statement

The DND nail polish set is the favorite of many women who want to stand out from the crowd with their glossy, shiny, and fresh-colored nails. Only a true fashionista would understand the importance of an amazing manicure, especially when it has been done using the DND nail polish set. Due to the different advantages of the DND nail polish set, many women prefer the Daisy DND nail polish over the traditional lacquer/ acrylic nails.

Daisy DND Nail Polish vs. Acrylic Nail Polish

If you are a newbie interested in trying out a different manicure with the DND nail polish set, you must know that, unlike acrylic nails, the DND nail polish set can be applied on short nails. You don’t necessarily need an extension on your nails to keep the color and shade in place. The Daisy DND nail polish is hardened under an LED/ UV light, which is why the manicure will last longer (3 to 4 weeks) and doesn’t lose its shine and gloss. With proper care, your manicure with the DND nail polish set can even last longer (more than a month).

Safe to Use – No Brittle Nails

The DND nail polish set is safe to use as it doesn’t cause chipped or brittle nails. However, you have to make sure to follow the instructions, especially if you are doing a DIY manicure at home. If you want your manicure to last longer and not lose its shine, you have to start with applying the base coat,

Even before you apply the base coat, the basis of your manicure – the canvas of your nails must be well prepped. Your nails are your canvas where the magic with the DND nail polish set will begin. Ensure to be gentle while pushing back your cuticles. Also, roughen the nail surface by using a 180 grit file for prepping your nails. Use a lint-free wipe to clean your nails before applying the base coat of your DND nail polish set.

How to Apply the Daisy DND Nail Polish?

During DIY manicures, many people make the mistake of applying a thick coat of base gel to their nails. You have to ensure to apply only a thin layer of the base coat while capping the edges of your nails. Remove all excess from the skin area surrounding your nail with a cotton swab and cure your nails. Then apply the color of your choice of the DND nail polish set. Again, make sure to cap the edges, which is an essential step if you want to have a long-lasting, glossy, and shiny manicure. Again, use the LED/ UV light to cure your nails.

Make sure that your nails are super-dry before applying the gel coat on your nails. While applying the gel coat, don’t forget to cap the edges of your nails and cure them for at least half a minute underneath the UV/ LED lamp. Lastly, complete your manicure by hydrating your nails with a few drops of cuticle oil. Also, for a luxurious, professional, and pampering impact, use a good-quality, scented hand crème to moisturize your hands.


Compared to the regular nail polish used in manicure, the DND nail polish set has numerous benefits, which makes it an all-time favorite for many. We recommend you to care for your hands as much as you do for your nails. One way to do so is by staying hydrated and consuming loads of water to keep your skin in top condition. While doing DIY manicures, you must apply SPF on your hands as it will save your hands from getting damaged from the LED/ UV light during the curing process. Compared to UV light, LED is a safer option for curing your nails. Also, the LED lamp in half a minute which is half the time if you use the UV light.