Choose Your OPI Gel Colors According to Your Skin Tone

If you care about your beauty, you should spend a lot of time choosing the perfect nail polish colors. Much depends on your skin tone. The woman capable of selecting the ideal color to flatter her skin tone is the one who sets the trend for others to follow.
Though all colors are beautiful to look at, some colors look stunning on specific skin tones. For example, the colors that bring your olive skin tone to life might not necessarily work for the light, medium, and tan skin tones.
Let us play around with some of the best OPI gel nail colors and see which color suits your skin tone the best. This simple guide should prove helpful to almost all skin tones.

Tips on how to settle on the perfect color for the different skin tones

If your beautician asks you to stick to a specific set of nail polish shades to complement your skin color, you should consider changing her. You should be brave to experiment and go into the realm of uncertainty to get the best out of your nail manicure. Here are some colors that could make you look much younger than you are.

People with a tanned complexion

Tan is something you should be proud of. You have models like Rihanna to look up to if you feel that your tanned skin tone comes in your way of looking more beautiful. You can use the tan to your advantage and highlight it by choosing colorful shades like orange, fuchsia, red, and poppy blue. You would have seen Rihanna carry off the neon green finish with aplomb. If she does it, so can you because you are no less beautiful than anyone else in the world.

Fuchsia is the perfect color to gel with your fresh summer tan as it can jazz up your looks and complement your skin tone like nothing else. Besides highlighting the tan, this color ends up making you look smoking hot and attractive. These are some of the best pink shades you will ever come across. If you wear it with a shite coat underneath, you could make the OPI gel colors appear more prominent than anything else.

If you belong to the bold and edgy type of woman, the orange tone will suit your nails the best. The advantage of this color shade is that it looks fabulous on your tanned skin. It should be the perfect tone to brighten up your day and be in sync with nature. You can try out the OPI gel nail polish as their user-friendly formula helps dry up quickly.

People with Olive to medium skin shades

This category of women should count themselves the most fortunate of the lot as almost every color suits them perfectly. Maybe, the golden and rust colors are the only two colors you should avoid. The dark burgundy tones look heavenly on such skin, and so too do the various shades of pinks, blues, purples, and nudes.

The olive skin tone is perfect for the deep reds and the burgundy shades. These colors are excellent to have during the winter and fall season as they resemble the wine you would love to have on a cold and wintry day. However, you should go for an opaque finish to get the best out of your burgundy shades. It is better to have a couple of additional coats that would get you the perfect opaque finish.

Of all the OPI nail colors that suit your olive skin tone, the blues stand out as the best option. Besides looking youthful, the blue shades add the fun element and make you look at least ten years younger than you are. Hence, it is a perfect nail polish shade for middle-aged women to compete on an even keel with the modern generation.

Women with light skin tones

The beauty of having a lighter skin tone is that you can try out the pastel shades more because they have more color and fewer of the whiter shades. The best colors should be the reds, nudes, and grays as they look flattering on your light skin tone and enhance its beauty to the next level.

The pink shades are perfectly made for women with lighter skin tones as it matches with your attire and flatters your pale skin. You get a range of pink shades ranging from the peach to the deep rose when you choose OPI gel nail lacquer. Have these shades on your nails and look more enchanting than ever.

If you belong to a class that loves to experiment with different colors, you should not forget to try out the purple shades. The exotic range of colors available in this shade can floor you. Select the ideal matching shade and set an exciting trend for others to follow.

Final thoughts

Your choice of nail polish depends a lot on your skin tone. Though colors are always beautiful, some colors stand out if you choose them perfectly to match your skin tone. The tips discussed above should prove helpful to make a compelling fashion statement on your social media handles.